What is the shipping time for my orders?

Please note we have 4 business days as handling time for shipping orders. When you go to any product page, you will see yellow highlighted text like below that shows the exact date of shipping

This product will be shipped on 02/12/2015.

The reason for long handling time is we move products across warehouses to ship from the closest location for you to save both of us cost (Which you can see in our shipping estimate).

Also  when you add any product to cart and go to cart page ( you will see highlighted text of exactly when the whole order is shipped like below

Your order will shipped on 02/12/2015.

We ship by UPS/Fedex and we ship from Harrisburg, PA for east coast orders and Freemont, California for west coast orders.  Once shipped, all orders should be received within 2-3 days. 

See the map below for transit time.



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